Thursday, August 18, 2011

One year ago to date...

  I just read my last post and was surprised to find it was from almost one year ago today.  Yep, I fell off the blogging bandwagon.  But, I have been doing a lot of research since then on my genealogy. I just have not been able to keep up with both research and blogging.  I have to admit that I am a disabled Veteran.  Sometimes I feel great and sometimes I am very sick.  I have many different medical problems from Epilepsy to Fibromyalgia, RSD and more.  I never know when a flare up will occur.  I make plans to do something and then sometimes can't keep those plans- even to myself.  There are many times when I make plans to speak with another researcher on the phone, and I don't even physically feel like talking on the phone.  And I have to cancel these calls.
  I also let myself become intimidated by all the genealogist who go to conferences, make trips to do research at court houses, etc., can afford the new cool scanners, afford to view webinars, etc.  These people did not mean to intimidate me, this is my own personal issue!  It was once brought to my attention that I am the type of person if I can't do something 200% then I won't do it at all.  And it's true, I am an all or nothing type of person.  And this is not productive for a person who has a lot of medical issues like me.  So, I need to work through this!
  I am going to try and keep up with my blog.  Even if I cannot blog about my genealogy research 200%! LOL  Hopefully, I will be able to make more genealogy connections with other researchers who share my Family Trees! 
  To those precious people who are my distant cousins that have become great friends with me and shared our genealogy information with each other- please don't give up on me! I am still alive! LOL  And to my future genealogy contacts, I look forward to talking with you!  Please look me up on Facebook- I am there sometimes, or email me   Talk with you soon!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is a Genealogy Blog in progress; researching and discovering the lives of my Ancestors. Researching surnames BERRY, BEARY, ROGERS, RODGERS, JACKSON, BANKSTON, ADAIR, HOSKINS, ELLIS, ROPER, McCOLLUM, and more...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Woman Cares for 45 Abandoned and Abused Dogs; she lost her job and her house is now almost empty!

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Woman Cares for 45 Abandoned and Abused Dogs; she lost her job and now her house is almost empty!
Call Leah Van Marion cell: (501) 215-1564.
August 1, 2010

Perry County, Arkansas does not have an animal shelter. But for 12-years Leah Van Marion, has made it her mission to take in abandoned and abused animals. The economy has since caught up with her. She lost her job but refuses to turn animals away.
She loves all 45 of her dogs; they all have names and personalities, and need homes.
Taking care of them is a labor of love because going through 50-pounds of food a day without a job to support them; Van Marion has been selling aluminum cans, scrap metal and furniture. She explains, "The house is just about empty except for the refrigerator and TV."
She is at her limit, but with it being dog breeding season, puppies are being dropped off, while donations have stopped. "After a while donors forget and I understand you know. It's difficult times for everybody," Van Marion says.
Each dog came from a life of neglect and abuse, Van Marion has let them take over 40-fenced in acres. She still keeps up with their vaccinations, gets them spayed and neutered, plays with them daily, but she has spent her life savings in order to keep them healthy and to give them a chance at life.
She says, "You do what you can, even when you don't have, so you do the best you can. I'm not in a business. I'm just a person who loves animals.
She loves them enough to let them go to a loving family. "Of course I cry afterwards because I always miss them, but to know they got a good home is great. Animals are here for us to take care of, they are here for us to enjoy, not abuse, abandon or throw away like trash. God put them here for companionship and you know I love them."
Van Marion asks, if you can't adopt, at least sterilize your own pets. "I happen to be one of hundreds probably who does this, and if you know of anyone who does this, help them out. Everyone who tries to find homes for these babies because it's a tough job right now it's not easy, it is not easy."
Van Marion is looking for a part time job.

She will not adopt a dog out without being spayed or neutered. It cost her $60-$80 dollars per animal.


Leah Van Marion cell: (501) 215-1564

Saturday, July 24, 2010